ELREM Ltd. for the production of industrial electronics devices is a limited liability company which was established in 1991 in Zagreb. Since its foundation, the company's basic activity has been the development and production of electronical devices for regulation and control in industrial enviroment, as well as design, development, production, conduction installation works and maintainance of complex systems and installations – this includes systems of street and public lighting, as well as tunnel lighting systems, tunnel ventilation and installations of tunnel equipment supply.


             ELREM Ltd. has a relays know-how and experience of staff  who are competent and highy specialized for the needs and the profile of the company. The company also cooperates with a number of subcontractors and external cooperators specialized for certain segments – development and design, automated production and assembling of circuit boards, coproduction and installation of switchgears. This outsourcing strategy enables us to fulfill contract obligations for the production and delivery of equipment within deadlines and scope of intense performing of major investment projects (equpping of highways in Croatia). This also includes an important contribution to high-quality production and integration of construction documentation and works by various performers (coordination of construction projects, production of equipment and coordination of works). We prove our responsibility for the obligations fulfilled and competence and creditibility by testing, managing trial operation and issuing a protocol on functional validity of systems. We are also responsible for the maintaining of systems because the  beneficiaries of our equipment (HAC – Croatian Motorway Authority; ARZ – Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway; AZM - Zagreb-Macelj Motorway; HC – Croatian Road Authority) entrust us with the maintaining of the installation conducted, which we believe is the proof of the quality of our work.                                              Regarding the fact that project experts, operators and installation proprietors are in constant need of education in the field of technological development which in our field of expertise has been very rapid, we consider dialogue an important part of cooperation. We also support dialogue and permanent instruction of maintenance staff, provide cost-free consulting services and non-binding audits of projects related to the application of equipment from our production.


Our contribution reducing environmental pollution by reducing CO2 emission through saving electrical energy in public and roadway lighting

Total installed and regulated power/saved energy and saved cost for energy and maintenance in one year referring to quantities prior to/without implementation of lighting regulation produced by Elrem d.o.o. in operation in the Republic of Croatia are:


             - public lighting (city): 1,045MW/1.185MWh/ year (27% annual consuption of el.energy +          50% maintenance cost (changing of sources)=106.241,00EUR/year + 37.170,83EUR/year

             =143.412,21EUR/ year)


-motorway outdoor lighting: 8,037MW/11.814MWh/year (35% annual consuption of      el. energy + 65% maintenance cost (changing of light-sources)=1.059.186,19 EUR/year + 283.436,52EUR/year



-tunnel lighting: 9,88MW/6.639,36MWh/year (16% annual consuption of el.energy + 50%   maintenance cost (changing of light-sources) = 595.253,00 EUR/year +      346.906,42EUR/year

             =942.159,39EUR/ year


             -other: 0,25MW/500MWh (40 annual consuption of el.energy + 70% maintenance cost(changing of light-sources)= 44.827,00EUR/year +9.494,00EUR year



Total annual amount of electrical energy saved is 20.138,36 MWh, which equals the quantity of 11.000 tonns CO2/year. At the rate of 0,09EUR/kWh for public lighting, the value of cumulative saving is about 2.480.000,00 EUR/year.


Non-economical benefit is participation and contribution to reduction of enviromental pollution, which are ethical and political imperatives today and in the future.


Economy of investment in lighting regulation


The cost of implementing the lighting regulation varies from 0,35EUR/W-group regulation of greater (15-30kW) installed power of a single regulator cabinet, through 0,5EUR/W-group regulation of medium (10-15kW) installed power of a single regulator cabinet up to 0,6EUR/W-single-lem regulator concept and group regulation of smaller (5-10kW) installed power of a single regulator cabinet which with savings rate of 1,4EUR/W/year (price of el.energy app.0,09EUR/kWh) guarantees an investment-return-period of 3-5 years. Exact calculation depends on true installed power, concept and type of regulation implemented, additional works cost and amortization of other refitted lighting equipment (not part of investment cost-benefit calculation for regulation only), and financing cost.

Summary: Investingin regulation of public and road(motor)way lighitng of this (ELREM product) gives the possibility to finance the investment by credit, and after the end of the credit period, the on-going savings enable further investments in the refiting/mordenizing in the value of 3-5 times of the initial investment value during the lifetime of the regulation equipment (15-20 years).


Models and sources for financing


1. EU IPA Fund

2. State enviromental policy Funds

3. Credit arrangement with bussines/deposit bank-suitable for regional and local investors

4. Credit arrangement with bussines/deposit bank with a third part investor (ESCO model)

- financing with credit from Bank (bussines, EBRD, Worldbank) through actual cost financing in the period of credit-risk is at the third party(various submodels)

5. Investor = owner financing


In case there is interest for the realization of a project, we offer consulting and engineering services for a whole project, or part of it.

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